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What's in Season

Why bother when the supermarket giants make sure we have produce all year round?








Flavour, Quality and Freshness – Produce that is picked when it’s fully ripened tastes amazing. If your produce is imported, it is usually picked before it’s ripe. As it travels it ripens in a cardboard box, often after being sprayed by chemicals to prevent it from ripening too quickly.

Nutrition – When produce is picked before it’s ripe, the nutrients do not fully develop in the flesh of the fruit or vegetable. Plants need the sun to grow, and picking them before they are ripe cuts off the nutrient availability. Genetic modification is also sometimes used, which can alter how the crop was naturally supposed to be consumed.

Balanced Diet - If you eat seasonally, you are guaranteed to consume a variety of produce, which will assist you in eating a balanced diet.

Cost  – Supply and demand simply explains how buying produce seasonally saves money. Produce in season is more abundant which reduces price. If you are buying produce that is out of season and therefore imported, there is transport, time and added costs to grow it artificially.

Environment – Transport fuel charges are often added to the price of food upon delivery as well as adding to the carbon footprint.

Community – Buying your produce from local farm shops, farmer's markets and local suppliers is a great way to build community and to ensure the provenance of your food.

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